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"Making Transitions Smoother"

Jef Teugels

Interim Executive

Planet and People First

Profit as a Reward

As a dedicated advocate for a 'Planet & People First' approach, I drive purposeful achievement. I specialize in guiding businesses toward prospering with a sustainability-oriented conviction. My mission is to help clients transition to purpose-driven organizations with minimal internal disruption. I co-develop processes and foster cultures centered on sustainable and ethical practices, empowering executives to achieve long-term success while making a positive difference and building visibility today, every day. Embrace a 'Planet & People First' belief to benefit the environment and society, and watch your business develop for the better. Unlock the full potential of your business while creating a better world for current and future generations of customers who choose you above anyone else.

The Three Lenses Plus One

Learning to Multi-Focus

Seeing More 

Perform Better

The Three Lenses Plus One Solution framework provides a unique and comprehensive approach to navigating and innovating in complex business environments. By integrating three primary lenses - Customer Behavior, Organizational Readiness and Exponential Technologies - I provide you with distinct insights into different phases of your business cycles, including growth, maturation, degrowth, and re-growth. We enhance this perspective with the "plus one" lens, peripheral dynamics, which expands your understanding of the broader business ecosystem. This lens increases your awareness and responsiveness to external factors that influence business dynamics. My holistic approach not only focuses on your internal operations and technologies, but also integrates broader environmental and societal impacts, making it a dynamic and essential component of your strategic business planning.

As your teams master the art of looking at operations through these multiple lenses, the 'Three Lenses Plus One Solution' will become a deeply ingrained guide, improving day-to-day effectiveness, and ensuring strategic alignment across your organization.

Benefits of Partnering with Me

Working with me to apply the 'Three Lenses Plus One Solution' framework will help you transform your organization into a purpose-driven business that is cherished by its primary customers and stakeholders. Here's how you'll benefit from our collaboration:

Strategic Alignment & Execution

I focus on ensuring that all aspects of your organization perfectly align with your strategic objectives, which are centered on providing exceptional customer service and moving your mission forward. I infuse this strategic perspective into the everyday tasks of your employees at every level, making it a top priority to carry out your strategic plan.

Adapting to Market Dynamics

Implementing the 'plus one' perspective—considering peripheral dynamics—allows organizations to proactively respond to external modifications and swiftly adapt to changing circumstances. This adaptability preserves a competitive advantage and guarantees that actions align with the core purpose in an evolving business environment.

Cohesive Organizational Culture

Training your team to view operations through this comprehensive lens fosters a shared understanding that enhances collaboration across departments. This cultural cohesion ensures that every organizational layer is united toward the common goal of becoming a purpose-driven entity.

Purpose-Driven Decision-Making

Adopting a multi-lens perspective enables cross-functional teams to gain valuable insights into customer behavior, organizational preparedness, and technology trends. By doing so, teams can make more informed decisions that align with the organization's mission, thereby improving their ability to achieve the desired outcomes.

Sustainable & Ethical Development

My approach emphasizes sustainable growth through the integration of environmental and social considerations into your business operations. This ensures that your expansion is responsible and fully aligned with your purpose, adhering to global standards, and meeting evolving consumer expectations.

Tailored Implementation

I customize the implementation of the 'Three Lenses Plus One Solution' framework to meet the specific needs and challenges of your organization. This personalized approach guarantees that our solutions are not only effective but also seamlessly integrated into your operations, supporting your purpose at every step.

By partnering together, we ensure that your organization not only meets today's demands but also captures future opportunities with a clear sense of purpose. My commitment to aligning every operational detail with your strategic and purpose-driven goals safeguards your chosen strategy and empowers your organization to excel as a purpose-driven leader in an ever-evolving landscape.

A clear mandate for a limited time can move mountains in your organization.


Jef is a highly effective and ethical expert in the areas of marketing and change management, with a solid grasp of both high-level strategic planning and detailed operational delivery. 

Peter Miles

eHempHouse UK

It was really nice working together with Jef. His knowledge and experience are really outstanding. He recognizes well when opportunities arise.  

Lode Vermeersch


Jef's years of experience across many industries as a consultant and entrepreneur shine through when it comes to relatable stories for almost any situation.  

Mark Hamill

ARCET Global

Privileged and Grateful

For every opportunity I have been given to contribute to the accomplishments of wonderful people working for great brands, a select number of which you see in the logos.